I’m Not Saying He’s Fake

And I’m not saying he’s gay. I’m just saying it’s now well beyond obvious that the Red-Bearded Bard of Appalachia is as illegitimate and manufactured as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, Sam Harris and the rest of the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web”, and Joe Rogan.

Country star Oliver Anthony gave a surprise performance at Joe Rogan’s Texas comedy club after being called to stage to the extreme delight of the crowd.

Rogan invited Anthony to his club, The Comedy Mothership, located on East Sixth Street, on Tuesday night.

The popular podcaster had acquired the historic club as a standup comedy nightclub destination in 2022.

Audience members were unaware that Anthony was waiting in the wings. The songwriter became an instant sensation, when his song, ‘Rich Men North of Richmond,’ hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was first released on YouTube less than two weeks ago, making Anthony the first artist ever to rise to the top without any prior charting history.

Rogan’s friend and fellow comedian, Tom Segura, teased Anthony’s performance by telling audience members that he ‘had a special treat for them.’ When the crowd discovered the musician was the ‘special treat’ they broke out in loud applause and cheers.

Rogan is also trying to help Anthony get out in front of his inevitable exposure as a manufactured creature.

Rogan: “Do you write all your own songs?”

OA: “Yeah…”

Rogan: “Have you been accused of not writing your own songs?”

OA: “Very early on, yeah”

I know Anthony’s “popularity” and “success” were manufactured, but I never seriously doubted he wrote his own songs until seeing Rogan ask these leading questions.

When the United States of America collapses amidst violence, disease, ethnic strife, and religious conflict, as it is likely to do before 2034, I hope that none of you will be so stubbornly and infernally ignorant as to look to the skies and cry out in despair “why did this happen?”

I can tell you right now why it happened. It happened because Americans, and conservative Americans in particularly, are literally too stupid and too naive to survive.

Someone asked on SG, “is there any hope at all for the survival of the USA”. No, there is not. There is no hope whatsoever for the survival of the USA as a unitary political entity of 50 states spanning the North American continent. None whatsoever. And the reason is that after more than 75 years of relentless subversion, demoralization, inversion, and invasion, a significant percentage of Americans still cheer for and support those who are being used to destroy their nation and their society.

At least we won’t be able to say we didn’t deserve our collective fate.