Mailvox: Trans-Lingual Propagation

A Finnish reader observes the SSH has now transcended language:

I know by now I shouldn’t be, but I still sometimes am surprised by the extent of your reach.

Last Friday I talked to a 12 year old schoolboy, and he said he’s a sigma. I asked him to tell me what he means by it. He said sigma means someone who doesn’t care about girls and just goes at it alone.

He thought it a bit weird I had to ask what it means. Apparently this is now part of the general lingo among Finnish elementary school kids, though not yet in the general culture here.

Your work is REALLY sending waves. It feels like reading your blog is letting me peek forward in time some 5-10 years, after which your concepts begin to pop up everywhere, often in somewhat twisted but still recognizable form.

Fascinating. I suppose one can hardly expect the pre-pubescent to be clear on the concept. It’s just one more reason that the book is a necessity.