With Tongues of Neoclowns

European puppets are speaking words that are literally put into their mouths. Notice the particular choice of language utilized by the EU commissioner that is being specifically criticized by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov:

In a desperate attempt to assert its dominance by punishing the disobedient, the United States has moved to destroy globalization, which for many years it extolled as the greatest good of all mankind.

Now the United States and its allies blacklist anyone who dissents from their “golden billion” and tell the rest of the world, “those who are not with us are against us”.

Yet the “Western minority” has no right to speak for the entire world.

Its “rules-based order” amounts to rejection of sovereign equality, the key principle of the United Nations Charter, as evidenced by European Union commissioner Josep Borrell’s infamous statement about the European “garden” and the “jungle” outside it.

In addition to the string of United States military “adventures” from Yugoslavia and Iraq to Libya, the worst violation of the United Nations Charter was its meddling in the affairs of post-Soviet states,

As examples are the “color revolutions” in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan and the 2014 coup in Kiev.

The garden and the jungle is a geopolitical metaphor popularized by Robert Kagan, the neoclown intellectual who writes deceptive little instructional pamphlets that inform Clown World leaders what rhetoric they should be utilizing and also happens to be married to the notorious neoclown color revolutionary, Victoria Nuland.

While “the rule of the jungle” first appeared in George Bush’s “New World Order” speech in 1991, there is not a single reference to the jungle/garden metaphor in either Present Dangers (2000) or The Return of History and the End of Dreams (2009). But the metaphor is the framework for The Jungle Grows Back (2018), which concludes thusly:

The liberal order is as precarious as it is precious. It is a garden that needs constant tending lest the jungle grow back and engulf us all.

Based on Lavrov’s criticism, the Russians are clearly aware of the servile nature of those who speak with the tongues of neoclowns. And they’re clearly not inclined to accept the imposition of the new narrative upon “the jungle” either.

Moscow will not abide by the “so-called rules” invented and imposed by “certain countries,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, as he delivered a speech at a meeting of Russia’s Council of Legislators in St. Petersburg.