We Explained. You Didn’t Listen

Scott Adams is now attempting to claim that no one who knew the vaxx would be harmful is willing to explain to him how they knew.

But we’ve been explaining our reasoning all along. Scott’s problem is that he refused to listen to anyone who isn’t mainstream-approved, which guaranteed that the only people who knew how bad the vaxx was to whom he would listen were the people who were strongly incentivized to lie to him about it.

I’ve repeatedly explained why I knew the vaxx was inimical to human health before it was available to anyone.

  • The fact that its primary advocates were global depopulationists.
  • The fact that its manufacturers were not liable for adverse effects.
  • The fact professional scientific procedures were not followed.
  • The fact that it was not necessary.
  • The history of past mRNA technology failures.

I even said, at the time the vaccines were first being rolled out, that one would have to be either old and very sick or insane to take the risk of getting vaccinated.

“You’d have to be crazy to roll the dice with these vaccines rather than the virus if you’re not an obese 68-year old black man with asthma. If you’re old and in a high-risk group with comorbidities, sure, take your chances with the shots. Otherwise, it makes no sense. The complete inability of people to grasp the probabilities involved would be depressing if one wasn’t already aware how retarded they are on average.”

Vox Day, 10 February 2021

I also pointed out that getting boosted never made any sense for anyone at all.

“This isn’t the Mark of the Beast. It’s the Mark of the Retarded.”

Vox Day, 25 September 2021

If I recall correctly, I was warning people to avoid the Covid vaccines long before they were even announced. So, Scott’s pretense that people who knew better won’t explain how they knew isn’t true, except, of course, for the people who are responsible for knowingly doing this to hundreds of millions of people. I trust he can figure out why they’re not coming clean anytime soon.

UPDATE: He really is retarded. Or perhaps just vaxx-damaged.

One thing I learned during the pandemic is to ignore the lying experts and rely on people such as this anonymous stranger.

How stupid do you have to be to fail to recognize that the experts are lying more often than not these days? They’re literally professional liars who are paid very well to lie. Are you still eating four servings of bread and potatoes every day, Scotty?