Secret Stalker Society

There are no coincidences, crazy or otherwise. As AC surmises, digital cameras are unearthing evidence that individuals are being targeted for relationships in advance of them actually meeting the other individual involved.

In videos shared on TikTok, social media users look through their old photos — only to discover that their future partners, best friends, and roommates can be spotted in the background of the images. Several TikTok clips show people unwittingly crossing paths with their present boyfriend or husband in an old photo.

TikToker Isa reveals how she posed for a casual photo before boarding a plane. Eighteen months later, she unearthed the photograph and realized that her now-boyfriend could be seen in the background of the image.

In another clip, creator Hefzi stumbled upon a live iPhone photo that she took at her freshman orientation. Against the backdrop, her future boyfriend-of-one-year and his family casually walk across the shot.

In another viral video, TikToker Debs uncovered a selfie she took on holiday in Italy years before in which her sister’s future husband can be seen in the background.

It would be very difficult to analyze the statistical probabilities here due to the number of variables involved – after all, there is a small, but real possibility that one would at some point be in the same physical location as another individual one subsequently meets prior to the initial meeting, but based on what we know about the professional stalkerstasi, it is highly unlikely that all of these recorded pre-meeting encounters are organic and occurred solely by chance.

Especially because these “coincidences” only included the encounters that were actually caught on camera. When one considers the very small percentage of one’s daily life that is filmed or photographed, the actual number of “coincidental encounters” that were not caught on camera would necessarily be orders of magnitude higher. AC believes the phenomenon is more widespread than we can possibly imagine.

I think we are going to find out, in many, many cases, there will be many, many people who spent their lives, their most intimate relationships, just being completely betrayed say in and day out, by somebody they never even had the faintest understanding of, even as they had kids, and built their lives together.