Michael Myers was the Good Guy

It turns out that “Jamie Lee Curtis” (real name: Jamie Lee Schwartz) was actually the evil monster in Halloween.

Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis has deleted an Instagram post after followers noticed a photo in the background depicting a naked child stuffed in a box. In her original Instagram post, the actress revealed she tested positive for COVID. She also explained why she posted a picture of her office, though she didn’t address the bizarre photo in the background.

“Ok. This is a weird post. But I have Covid, so f*ck it. During one of the SAG nomination panels for @everythingeverywheremovie I told the story of how I ended up with my office furnished with my beautiful Pollack chairs from that movie,” she wrote.

“I mentioned if people followed me, that was not a cheap trick to try to get people to boost my numbers, but I couldn’t figure out how else to get the picture out into the world, that I would post a picture of them on my IG in my offices for @comet.pictures and I am a truth teller so here you go.”

Jamie Lee Curtis recently revealed that her son Thomas transitioned into a woman and now goes by the name Ruby.

These Hellmouth denizens are not only fake and gay, they are wicked and degenerate. Those who hate the Good, the Beautiful, and the True can’t help but expose themselves sooner or later due to their instinctive preference for the Evil, the Ugly, and the Lie.