US Already Waging War on Russia

I very much doubt the Kremlin is any more persuaded of the USA not being involved in repeated attacks on Russian generals than anyone else is:

American intelligence agencies gave highly sensitive data to the Ukrainian armed forces that allowed them to track and kill a dozen Russian generals and sink the Russian flagship Moskva, a new book reveals — despite strident administration denials.

A “furious” President Joe Biden gave “presidential tongue-lashings” to CIA chief Bill Burns and other top aides in May after leakers told NBC News and the New York Times that Ukrainians had been given real-time intelligence from US sources.

“He didn’t like what he considered to be publicly taunting the Russians,” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain told author Chris Whipple in the forthcoming book “The Fight of His Life,” out Jan. 17.

The reports of secret streams of real-time battlefield intelligence drew a furious response from the Kremlin — and instant repudiation from the Pentagon, the National Security Council, and Biden’s press office.

It will certainly be instructive to see how the Russians respond to these overt acts of war by those US intelligence agencies. Let’s face it, if there is one thing we have learned from the Russian response to the Orange Revolution and the Zelensky regime’s subsequent war on the former Ukrainian republics, it is that the Russians a) are more patient than anyone anticipates and b) respond more firmly than anyone believes likely.