A Princess of the Blood

As the MIDNIGHT’S WAR crowdfund has successfully reached its initial target, Arkhaven Comics is pleased to announce that SILENZIOSA Volume One is now available as an add-on, in either paperback or hardcover. Those who have already backed the campaign can now add it to their existing pledge, new backers will find it as an option after making an initial pledge for anything from the Arktoons Backer level to The Rites of Cain level.

SILENZIOSA tells the tale of Alissabetta, Princess of the Blood, and daughter of His Majesty King Charles Arthur III of Inghiltar, Yrlandia, and the Skotian Isles, who finds herself forced to attend the Silent Academy when her uncle, the family assassin, meets an unexpected demise. Please note that if you’re only interested in Silenziosa, the best way to obtain it is back at the Arktoons Backer level, then add Silenziosa Volume One in your preferred format.

In other news, both Canada and Australia have been added as free shipping destinations for all rewards except for the leatherbound omnibus and the Knight of St. Michael statue for Australia. The shipping costs preclude the inclusion of Australia for those two items. We also believe we will be able to provide color in the leatherbound edition, although in that case the interior book block will be perfect bound rather than Smyth-sewn. We have also added a PDF Edition add-on for 15 at the request of several backers.

The next stretch goal will be announced when the campaign hits 60k. And speaking of MIDNIGHT’S WAR, Episode 57, Something Significant, is featured on Arktoons today.