A little doggerel inspired by AC’s observation that many, if not most, of the self-appointed “opinion leaders” of the Right are faker and gayer than a transman at a lesbian bar in San Francisco.

No matter what they do,
No matter what they say,
All of it is building cred
To lead the weak astray.

No matter what they swear,
No matter how they bark,
All of it is gatekeeping
To leave you in the dark.

No matter what they vow,
No matter how they’re based,
All of it is fake and gay
To keep your trust misplaced.

And when they turn upon you
To denounce your tawdry tone,
It’s just an act designed to make
You think that you’re alone.

On a related note, I can affirm, state, and confirm that I am not in the club and I do not have an official 302, or a 302 of any kind. Non serviam.