A little doggerel inspired by AC’s observation that many, if not most, of the self-appointed “opinion leaders” of the Right are faker and gayer than a transman at a lesbian bar in San Francisco.

No matter what they do,
No matter what they say,
All of it is building cred
To lead the weak astray.

No matter what they swear,
No matter how they bark,
All of it is gatekeeping
To leave you in the dark.

No matter what they vow,
No matter how they’re based,
All of it is fake and gay
To keep your trust misplaced.

And when they turn upon you
To denounce your tawdry tone,
It’s just an act designed to make
You think that you’re alone.

On a related note, I can affirm, state, and confirm that I am not in the club and I do not have an official 302, or a 302 of any kind. Non serviam.


Fake revolt at Politico

The media wants you to think that Ben Shapiro isn’t actually on their side:

The suppression of any and all things conservative took an ugly turn yesterday when Politico staffers recoiled at the invitation to conservative writer Ben Shapiro to join the staff for the online publication’s popular “Playbook” section on Thursday.

One staffer said in a Politico company-wide Slack channel that Shapiro has a “long history of bigoted and incendiary commentary.” This is a baseless, false allegation. Shapiro may be a partisan, but he’s hardly a bomb-thrower. Shapiro wrote in his “Playbook” posting, “Republicans believe that Democrats and the overwhelmingly liberal media see impeachment as an attempt to cudgel them collectively by lumping them in with the Capitol rioters thanks to their support for Trump.”

This is self-evident. Besides, Shapiro was claiming it was what Republicans believe, not him personally. Democrats and the left may be uncomfortable being called out for their despicable politics but, given the attempts to stifle conservative thought on social media and elsewhere, what other conclusion can be drawn?

This is how the bifactional ruling party attempts to convince you to accept their gatekeepers as your opinion leaders. Remember how well it worked with Jordan Peterson – he must be the right-wing hero for whom conservatives have been waiting if he bravely stands up to the liberal media on one trivial issue that no one actually cares about, right!

The Shapiros, Petersons, Pragers and other conservative frauds are actually worse than the Left they pretend to fight because they are successfully deceiving you. But in truth, they are little satans serving the same evil master. As are the Ed Driscolls of the world who try to sell you the slapfight as real.

It’s interesting to note that this attempt to burnish Shapiro’s conservative credentials has appeared so soon after he found himself putting a foot wrong with conservatives again, this time with regards to the widespread approval of the storming of the Capitol.

False flag confirmed

 At least partially, anyhow, as one arrested “MAGA protester” turns out to be BLM:

The FBI has arrested #BlackLivesMatter self-described anti-fascist John Sullivan for leading the charge during the insurrection at the Capitol. Sullivan goaded the first casualty of the event to climb through a window just before she was killed.

The FBI alleged that moments before breaching the Capitol’s security John Sullivan told a crowd of disguised counter-protesters, “we about to burn this s— down, we got to rip Trump out of office, f—ing pull him out of that s—, we ain’t waiting until the next election… we about to go get that mother—-, it is time for a revolution.” 

Shortly afterward Sullivan could be heard goading Ashli Babbitt to jump through a window as he filmed her being shot and killed by law enforcement.

Not everything you think you see is real. 

So much for “Hail, Trump!”

I warned you that the guy was Fake Right. Once I spoke with him, it became abundantly clear that all he really wanted was to be famous and avoid actual work.

I plan to vote for Biden and a straight democratic ticket. It’s not based on “accelerationism” or anything like that; the liberals are clearly more competent people.
– Richard Spencer

So much for all the hysteria

Remember when Tommy Robinson was sentenced to A LITERAL DEATH SENTENCE? Remember when all you hysterical suckers were pleading for me to get up in arms over your favorite fake nationalist’s IMMINENT MARTYRDOM IN PRISON?

How quickly you forget. Too bad for you that I don’t.

A bearded Tommy Robinson tucked into a McDonald’s and joked ‘First stop, hairdressers’ as he was released from prison today after serving nine weeks behind bars for contempt of court. The unkempt English Defence League founder emerged with uncut hair and a beard as he was greeted by supporters who had gathered outside HMP Belmarsh in south-east London. Photographs and video posted on social media showed Robinson smiling and laughing as he walked free, after serving just two months of a nine month sentence, reduced to 19 weeks because of time served.

It should be sufficiently clear now that the British establishment does not harbor any particular desire to physically harm Mr. Robinson. You may now return to your overwrought shilling for authorized gatekeepers and the Fake Right.

Max Boot molts again

Fake (((conservative))) now wants to pass himself off as a fake (((classical liberal))) because Trump.

In the past I would have been indignant at such attacks and eager to assert my conservative credentials. I spent years writing for conservative publications such as the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Commentary magazine and working as a foreign policy adviser for three Republican presidential campaigns. Being conservative used to be central to my identity. But now, frankly, I don’t give a damn. I prefer to think of myself as a classical liberal, because “conservative” has become practically synonymous with “Trump lackey.”

Like Richard Spencer, Max Boot is Fake Right. Boot was never a conservative in any sense whatsoever, not even in the Jewish religious sense. He is not even close to anything resembling a “classical liberal” either. What sort of “conservative” writes for the Washington Post?  These wormtongues speak as if words have literally no intrinsic meaning.

Remember, the neocons were communists who only turned against the Soviet Union in the 1960s when it became apparent that the USA would remain the dominant military power. From Infogalactic: The term “neoconservative” refers to those who made the ideological journey from the anti-Stalinist left to the camp of American conservatism. The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American Jewish Committee.

That ideological journey was always a sham. These (((fill-in-the-blanks))) are parasitical snakes, shedding their ideological skins in order to maximize their political influence while always advocating globalism, war, and Israel no matter what they happen to call themselves at the moment. The (((Ben Shapiros))) and (((Mona Charens))) and (((Max Boots))) are nothing but interest-group infiltrators and media operatives. There is no truth in them, and they are finally being revealed for the enemies of America, Christianity, and the West that they have always been.

Speaking of parasitical snakes, look at how The Spectator tries to put Ben Shapiro in the “fearless freethinker” category with Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson. Notice how they featured him in the primary photo, even though he is almost the precise opposite of the philosophical, truth-seeking Peterson.

Consider Ben Shapiro. The conservative pundit has become known over the past decade for his whippet-fast intellect and fearless debating style. College campuses began to see protests whenever this young conservative speaker was promised to appear. Far-leftist students repeatedly denounced the 34-year-old kippah-wearing Orthodox Jew as a racist and otherwise tried to silence him. Campuses promised students extra counselling to cope after hearing his arguments.

And last September, after earlier riots on campus, the University of Berkeley shelled out $600,000 to make the campus secure for his talk there. Again the audience tuned in for the scandal and stayed to hear his smart, funny and thoughtful opinions. Today he has more than a million Twitter followers and makes news whenever he speaks.

The bit about his “fearless debating style” is particularly amusing considering how he has repeatedly run from debate with both Milo and myself. And the Littlest Chickenhawk isn’t part of “the intellectual dark web” at all. He has been nationally syndicated in the mainstream media for nearly two decades! To the contrary, he is part of the Fake Right along with Max Boot, Mona Charon, David Frum, Jon Podhoretz, Bill Kristol, Cathy Young, and the rest of the Never-Trump (((conservatives))). The media loves to anoint these fake “opinion leaders” in order to divert public attention away from the actual freethinkers, which is why they ignored Jordan Peterson until it was no longer possible to do so.

/pol/ is always right

It’s true that I am not going to destroy /pol/. First, because I am not stupid. The Evil Legion of Evil is formidable, but even as its Supreme Dark Lord, I know our limits. Of all the fights I could pick, /pol/ would rank somewhere between the U.S. Marine Corps and the Archangel Michael’s Heavenly host. Second, because, as has been mentioned, I love /pol/.

Third, because I am not seeking to harm Gab, I am merely seeking the identities of the Gab users who have publicly defamed me and subjected my wife to targeted harassment, and to ensure that both the defamation and the targeted harassment is permanently removed from Gab. Gab has elected to act as an obstacle to those objectives, as is its right, and that obstacle will be removed.

And fourth, why would I do that? I have literally no reason whatsoever to quarrel or quibble with /pol/.

Vox Day is going to destroy /pol/
Anonymous ID:N+3FXpK8 Thu 07 Sep 2017 13:50:49 No.140619686
After he is finished with Gab. You’ve been warned. The Evil Dark Lord of Evil does not warn a second time.

Anonymous ID:g/zfyCtd Thu 07 Sep 2017 13:52:30 No.140619779
Who the fuck is this faggot and why should I care?

Anonymous ID:27WWAXKr Thu 07 Sep 2017 14:51:02 No.140623347  Report
stop stirring up shit you stormfront troll. vox literally loves /pol/. quotes it frequently.

what he doesn’t like is nazi larpers who are more concerned with waving nazi flags in public for attention than they are saving the west.

the guy is literally the best thinking on the alt-right – better than anything the alt-reich has to offer (except for murdoch murdoch).


he’s been blogging since 2003. Not a lot of younger people know him. He’s a decent-ish fantasy writer, really good editor, excellent political and philosophical thinker.

he’s only recently started doing videos: would strongly suggest watching some or reading his blog:

Anonymous ID:ReqgpA+x Thu 07 Sep 2017 14:55:50 No.140623677
This. OP is fake, gay, and butthurt that VoxDay is going after Anglin. VoxDay never “went after” Gab. He’s not coming for /pol/ either. Vox literally said “/pol/ is always right just yesterday:

Anonymous ID:27WWAXKr Thu 07 Sep 2017 14:56:09 No.140623708
No he isn’t. He’s alt-right. The guy’s mantra is that ‘the alt-right is on the side of history, science, and truth. the alt-right is inevitable’.

Stop your low level disinfo, shill.

What he does say is that you nazi larpers are fake right. That nazism isn’t right wing and has no ideological place on the right. And that the people who cling the the nazi aesthetic are worse than useless.

Anonymous ID:4wxEMCF/ Thu 07 Sep 2017 15:03:12 No.140624154
Vox is so arrogant. He thinks Nazis are left wing and if you disagree with actual facts he calls you a retard and blocks you. Barely ever mentions the Jews. Is here even white? Spoiler: he’s not. Why do people like this guy again?

Anonymous ID:27WWAXKr Thu 07 Sep 2017 15:15:09 No.140624949
Vox is arrogant. If you think nazism is anyting other than a left wing ideology you are ignorant of history. If you hear spencer talk about pan-european government and being pro-eu and think he is right-wing, you are low iq.

No, he doesn’t talk about jews 100{dd3d589bd2c0f195b76ec1c32e7d55e03f6d27d61e2a6be2a684140499ab1b4f} of the time, deal with it. His opinion is that some of the people against the west are jews, some are not. focusing on one group and not the threat as a whole is ignorant.

>Why do people like this guy again?

Because he contributes a lot to alt-right thought, genuinely cares about its success, has no desire for leadership, has no desire for fame, wants to educate people, knows his shit.

I mean, after his initial point that nazism has no place in the right, contemporary or historical, greg johnson literally gave up. Seriously, gave up 10 minutes into a debate and refused to stay on topic. What do you think yellow fever anglin is going to do?

Anonymous ID:V56aYUdM Thu 07 Sep 2017 15:16:40 No.140625046
This. The stormfags are failures and always will be.

But it is informative, is it not, that the Daily Stormpoopers feel the need to cast about for allies now that the Legal Legion has been activated? Of course, they cannot be trusted, ever, since deceit is literally the core of their instruction manual. Lying, exaggerating their influence, and shitting on the carpet of every online abode that welcomes them is the full extent of their accomplishments.

Anyhow, in the event one ever finds oneself in a dispute with /pol/, this is the only correct response.

UPDATE: As per their style manual recommending deceit, the Daily Stormpoopers are citing this post as evidence that I am trying to drag /pol/ into it. Which, of course, is the precise opposite of what actually happened. And anyhow, the Legal Legion of Evil have this one under control.