Calling Rome to Repentance

Last month, Archbishop Viganò wrote to the Roman Inquisition and demanded repentance for the Catholic Hierarchy’s support of the vaxx and a retraction of the Hierarchy’s Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines:

The imposition of the experimental serum took place through a coordinated employment of methods that was unprecedented in recent history, using mass manipulation techniques that are well known to psychology experts. In this operation of media terrorism and the violation of the natural rights of individuals, accompanied by intolerable blackmail and discrimination, the Catholic Hierarchy chose to take sides with the system, making itself the promoter of “vaccines,” even reaching the point of recommending them as a “moral duty.” The media skillfully used the spiritual authority of the Roman Pontiff and his media influence to confirm the mainstream narrative, and this was an essential element in the success of the entire vaccination campaign, convincing many of the faithful to undergo inoculation because of the trust they have placed in the Pope and his global role. The vaccination obligations imposed on employees of the Holy See, following the lines of protocols imposed in other nations, have confirmed the Vatican’s absolute alignment with extremely careless and reckless positions that are completely void of any scientific validity. This has exposed the Vatican City State to possible liability on the part of its officials, with a further burden on its treasury; and the possibility should not be excluded that the faithful may bring collective lawsuits against their own Pastors, who have been converted into salesmen of dangerous medicines. After more than two years, the Church has not considered it necessary to make any statement to correct the Note, which in the light of new scientific evidence is now outdated and substantially contradicted by the harsh reality of the facts.

Limiting itself strictly to an evaluation of the morality of the use of the vaccines, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has not taken account of the proportionality between the benefits of the gene serum – which have been completely absent – and the short- and long-term adverse side-effects which are now before everyone’s eyes. Since it is now evident that the drugs sold as vaccines do not give any significant benefit and on the contrary may cause a very high percentage of death or serious diseases even in people for whom Covid is not a serious threat, it is no longer possible to consider valid any attempt to demonstrate a proportionality between risks and benefits, thus eliminating one of the assumptions on which the Note was based: “The morality of vaccination depends not only on the duty to protect one’s own health, but also on the duty to pursue the common good. In the absence of other means to stop or even prevent the epidemic, the common good may recommend vaccination, especially to protect the weakest and most exposed”. We know well that there is no “absence of other means,” and that the serum neither stops nor prevents the epidemic: this makes the mRNA “vaccine” produced with aborted cell lines not only morally inacceptable but also absolutely dangerous for one’s health, and in the case of pregnant women also for the health of their children.

The Church, in expressing a moral evaluation of the vaccines, cannot fail to take into consideration the many elements that contribute to formulating an overall judgment. The Congregation cannot limit itself to the general theory of the moral lawfulness of the drug in itself – a lawfulness that is completely questionable given its ineffectiveness, the absence of tests of its genotoxicity and carcinogenicity, and the evidence of side-effects. Instead, the Congregation must speak out about this fact as soon as possible: Now that the complete uselessness of the serums “to stop or even prevent the epidemic” has been demonstrated, it can no longer be administered, and indeed there is a moral obligation for health authorities and drug companies to recall it as something dangerous and harmful, and for the individual faithful to refuse inoculation.

I further believe, Most Reverend Eminence, that the time has come for the Holy See to definitively distance itself from those private entities and multinational corporations that have believed that they can use the authority of the Catholic Church to endorse the neo-malthusian project of the United Nations’ Agenda2030 and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. It not tolerable that the voice of the Church of Christ continues to be complicit in a plan to reduce the global population based on the chronic pathologization of humanity and the induction of sterility; and this is even more necessary in the face of the scandalous conflict of interests to which the Holy See is exposed by accepting sponsorship and funding from the architects of these criminal plans.

To His Most Reverend Eminence Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, SJ Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 18 October 2022

He’s certainly calling them out, repeatedly and in copious detail. And in doing so, he’s making it pretty clear to observers what god it is they serve. Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t the Christian God.

Which is why the Catholic Church definitely needs to bring back the Inquisition and start mucking out the Augean Stables of the Vatican.