False Flag #237

The Russians are invading Poland now and murdering Poles! Because we can totally trust “a senior US intelligence offical”, right?

Two people have been killed in Poland after explosions hit a farm near the border with Ukraine in what is thought to be a botched Russian missile attack. Twin explosions rang out this afternoon in Przewodów, a rural village located five miles from the Ukrainian border in south western Poland.

A senior US intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the fatal blasts were caused by a pair of wayward Russian missiles – though the blast site sits more than 10 miles from the nearest Ukrainian urban settlement of note, Chervonohrad.

It follows a report by Polish Radio ZET which also claimed two stray missiles hit Polish soil, without providing more details. The blasts came as Moscow launched fresh missile attacks across Ukraine today in what Kyiv said was the heaviest wave of missile strikes in nearly nine months of war.

I’m mostly interested that they’re repeatedly trying to sell such small “provocations” as a potential casus belli. I mean, do they really think anyone other than the Boomers gives one hair on an airborne rodent’s posterior about NATO or its oft-misrepresented Article 5, which commits absolutely no one to doing anything.

UPDATE: The British are vowing “WE WILL DEFEND POLAND”.

They seem to have forgotten that the last time they promised to defend Poland, the Russians ended up with all of Poland, all of Eastern Europe, and most of Central Europe.