Doug Wilson is a Christian

But he is most certainly NOT a Christian nationalist.

In the early 1950’s a young man named William F. Buckley was tapped by the CIA to serve as the single head of the conservative movement that was rising then in America. The problem the CIA hoped to correct by tapping Buckley as their guy is that the conservative movement was getting out of control because it was such a broad and variegated movement. By anointing Buckley as the head of the movement that gave the CIA the ability to streamline the conservative movement into one single expression and thus could be monitored, controlled, and manipulated more easily. In his position as unofficial head of the conservative movement Buckley became the guy who was the gatekeeper of conservatism. Without Buckley’s legitimizing nod any hopeful movement conservative was out in the wasteland. By not granting that nod Buckley read Robert Welch and the Birchers out of the conservative movement early on. In later years Buckley threw Sam Francis, Peter Brimelow, and Joe Sobran out of the conservative movement. Murray N. Rothbard’s “The Betrayal of the American Right,” exposes all this.

The reason I go into all this history is to suggest that it may well be being repeated. Here we are in a time where Christian Nationalism is on the rise and suddenly we find the left wing Media anointing who the “Leader” is going to be by hotfooting it out to Moscow Idaho to do a mild hit piece on Doug Wilson. They hit Doug just hard enough for everyone to think that Doug must now be the leader of this Christian Nationalism movement that they kind of like. Next, we learn the BBC is coming out to do another mild hit piece on Doug.

The irony in all this is that Doug has said how he was a National Review junkie for years and years. Doug loved him some William F. Buckley. Now Doug has become Wm. F. Buckley. Pity poor Doug.

Now, any other time Conservatives know that they are not going to get a fair shake from the National and International media and so they decline the opportunity to be flayed alive. Conservatives know that in interviews their words will be spliced and segments will be edited by the Lugenpresse. But does that stop Doug from opening his doors to the Lugenpresse? Not Doug … nope, Doug steps right up to the microphone and speaks. And in so doing what has happened is that Doug becomes the leader of the “Christian Nationalism” movement and this despite the fact that all Doug is offering is warmed over classical Liberalism and not Christian Nationalism at all.

Anyone who is even remotely concerned about the false and manufactured sins of “racism” and “anti-semitism” and “white supremacy”, much less makes a big deal about opposing them, is not a genuine nationalist. Such men are, at best, statists who advocate a paper nationalism in the place of the real thing.

This really isn’t that hard. A nationalist is one who puts first the people who are related to him by blood and history, rather than by ideology, citizenship, skin color, religion, or geographic location. Anyone who does not support that concept, or who attempts to substitute anything other than genetic and cultural kinship for the nation, is a charlatan.

A Christian nationalist is one who ADDS the element of the Christian faith to the cultural requirement, not one who SUBSTITUTES religious identification for blood and history. One can no more use Christianity to deny national differences than to deny the reality of sex or slavery; Galatians 3:28 is one of the most intentionally misused verses in the Bible.

However, the mere fact that the media sees the need to coopt and subvert the term is a very positive sign indeed. It means that the nations are rising and Globohomo’s multiracial Babelism is failing.