Color Revolution in China

The Prometheans are reportedly making a desperate play to bring China back under their control.

The reports coming out of Beijing could rock the world. Global media has no idea what is going on with Xi Jinping at his home. Honestly, at this point those who want the tyrant to remain in power should forget about his third term; it appears that CCP veterans have already crushed his lust for power.

Chinese netizens have stormed Social Media timelines with reports that Beijing is under military seizure. The world, though, has no idea of what’s happening because the city is eventually cut off from the world.

According to News Highland Vision, former Chinese President, Hu Jintao and former Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao had persuaded Song Ping, the former member of the Standing Committee and retaken control of the Central Guard Bureau (CGB).

For those who don’t know, the purpose of CGB is to provide close personnel protection to members of the Politburo Standing Committee and other CCP leaders. The committee is also responsible for the protection of Xi Jinping.

As Hu and Wen retook control of CGB, information was conveyed to Jiang Zeng and the Central Committee members in Beijing via telephone. The original standing committee members abolished Xi’s military authority at that very moment.

Xi returned to Beijing on the evening of 16th September after learning the truth. However, Xi Jinping was detained at the airport and most probably is currently being held under house arrest in Zhongnanhai’s house.

Hu Jintao is the neo-liberal world order’s puppet in China. He was supposed to prepare the transition of the seat of the Empire That Never Ended from Washington DC to Beijing, hence all of those “ghost cities” being constructed. However, the unexpected rise of Xi Jinping and his subsequent anti-corruption campaign put an end to those plans.

The globalist Empire is now in desperate straits due to the success of the Sino-Russian alliance, which is why Ukraine was used to provoke Russia into war with NATO. However, NATO cannot defeat Russia and will inevitably lose any war against both Russia and China. Hence this reported attempt to bring China back under imperial control, or at least render it neutral in the NATO-Russian war.

As with the US-backed anti-Erdogan coup in 2016, I wouldn’t take these early reports of Xi being overthrown and being held under house arrest too seriously. We’ll have to wait and see what is actually happening over there, although we were promised a big event on 9/24/22, so perhaps this is it.

For the record, none of my connections in China believe it is real. My own opinion is best described as “deeply skeptical”.

UPDATE: The primary propagator of the #China coup rumor is now saying that the rumor is not true. She has also said that 3 senior anti-Xi officials were sentenced to death. However, only the sentence for Former Vice Public Security Minister Sun Lijun, 53, has been confirmed, in this case by Bloomberg, and the death sentence was suspended in favor of life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.