Fake Patriot Front

First, I expressed my opinion on Gab.

Fake and Gay and Fake some more. Patriot Front couldn’t glow any harder if you bathed each and every agent in a nuclear reactor for 24 hours. No one, in the entire history of government enforcement, who has ever been arrested has ever been permitted to keep wearing their hats and sunglasses, much less their masks.

This is pure theatre.

Someone sent me a DM, to which I responded in what everyone here will regard as an entirely predictable manner.

“You should really remove that post about calling Patriot Front feds. You are losing massive support and getting ratio’d remove it and all will be atoned.”

I repeat: Patriot Front is fake. It is OBVIOUSLY fake. It’s not even as legitimate as the Tea Party, which at least was a genuine grass roots organization before it was subverted and corrupted.

If you want to believe otherwise, that’s fine. I am aware MPAI. But I have never cared what anyone thinks about my opinions and I am not about to start now. So, if you wish to stop following me or supporting me over this, that is absolutely 100-percent fine with me.

And about that “getting ratio’d”: I note that the current ratio is 1.5k UP and 56 DOWN.

In other words, Patriot Front is not only Fake and Gay, but it also has defenders on social media who blatantly lie about the most easily verifiable facts. If it looks like #fedposting and it smells like #fedposting…

By the way, the ratio is now 1,700 to 78. Looks like the budget for the social media op was only $1,000.