Are You Really THAT Stupid?

Karl Denninger appears to have finally run out of patience with the “safe and effective” crowd.

I get it. Nobody wants to admit they were full of crap, especially when it might mean something really bad is coming. Like what happened to both Justin Bieber and his wife. What are the odds two young people both get fucked by “rare” side effects that are in fact linked to the jabs and its not the jab that’s responsible? If the odds of a “random” hit from such events are 1 in 100,000 for someone of these ages in a given year for both of them to get hit in the same year by said “random” events has roughly a one in a billion chance — in other words you’re more likely to win the Powerball and not by a little either.

Surrrrrrre that was random.

The Biebers are not the only ones. The multiple re-infection list is so long among politicians and celebrities you can’t even count it anymore. Never mind the young people dropping like flies of things that almost never get young people. Sure, it does happen that young people “thud” from time to time; I knew someone who fell over from a congenital heart defect he didn’t know he had in his early 30s, and he was the jock’s jock too. But when that happens, at least historically, they always go look for the cause at autopsy and in basically every case find it too.

That’s not being done now, is it? Nope.

Let me know when you wake the fuck up.

Until then you can fuck off, especially if you’re one of the assholes who did, or still is, pushing this crap on people. If you formerly were but recant and accept just punishment for every person harmed as a result of your “advice” or worse, fine — but not until. The evidence is that this crap not only doesn’t work it’s dangerous besides. I mean c’mon man — not everyone who uses fentanyl dies, right? Does that mean you should use some today? The NY Health Department claims “safe” fentanyl use is “empowering”, I remind you and they’re the same group of fuckfaces who has been pushing these shots on everyone, including children.

You really are that stupid, aren’t you?

You really will let them kill you — and your kids — won’t you?

The massive increase in “overdose” deaths is no more a mystery than all of the Suddenly deaths. The vaxx weakened the recipients hearts, and now people are dying of drug doses and exercise strains that previously would not have killed them. You’d have to be statistically ignorant to fail to note the obvious strong correlations.

Literally everyone was warned, repeatedly, before the vaccines were even made available to the public, and was told that it would be foolish, pointless, and potentially deadly to take them. And although it never made any sense whatsoever to inject one single child with the vaxx, now the stupidity of the fathers and mothers will be visited on millions of those unfortunate children.

I wonder how the children of the Vaxxed are going to feel about their parents? I expect it will make the Boomer hate of Gen/X and the Millennials look rather tame by comparison.