Clown World Makes You Stupid

Being raised in the traumatic environment of post-Christian America appears to be sufficient to reduce your IQ by a whole standard deviation:

In the study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, researchers from Kookmin University in Seoul and California State University compared the characteristics of a woman who grew up in South Korea to that of her sister, who was raised in the U.S.

The sisters were born in Seoul in 1974, but were separated from each other at the age of 2 after one of them got lost at a market. Despite the efforts of her parents to look for her at the time, the missing daughter was eventually adopted by an American couple.

The adoptee grew up without knowledge of her siblings, until she participated in a South Korean government program that reunited family members. In 2020, she learned through her DNA results that not only did she have an identical twin, but she has an older brother and an older sister as well.

Shortly after the program reunited the twins, they agreed to undergo a study involving a series of tests that compared their intelligence, personality profiles, mental health and medical history.

In the study, the twin who grew up in Korea described living in a loving and harmonious household, while the one who lived in the U.S. shared an upbringing with regular conflict and the eventual divorce of her adoptive parents. One similarity the twins shared was their medical background, having both undergone surgery to remove tumors from their ovaries.

Based on their IQ test results, the woman from the U.S. scored 16 points lower than that of her sibling in Korea.

And that was for children growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. No wonder so many people submitted to the vaxx 40 years later. The denizens of Clown World are quite literally retarded. Which explains my observation that MPAI.

As for the inevitable Nature vs Nurture, the important thing is to realize that base IQ comes from Nature, while Nurture can only reduce base IQ. The loving and healthy upbringing in Christian South Korea didn’t make the one twin more intelligent, it was the trauma of growing up in post-Christian Clown World America that reduced the intelligence of the adopted twin.

However, the extreme degree of the reduction leads one to suspect the adopted twin suffered some level of abuse during her formative years.