Mailvox: It’s All Nonsense

In which an email is received.

Are sigma males even more dangerous? and what are your thoughts on the ex gamma who are basically thought of sigmas? and I wanna specifically mention you about the “Wise thinker” youtube channel who seems to be fucking completely manipulating the sigma into a now normal man delta, or a neck beard gamma, and also the steve jabba site, that london pua, and the other false acclaimed gamma youtubers who seriously clim to be sigma and not living as one, suck pussies, though anyways, what is your entry of the sigma, I wanna know, and also make sure to look at these lil’ kids at YT

It’s all nonsense. Ignore all of them.

Before the concept of Sigma was introduced, every Gamma was convinced he was an Alpha. Now they’re all telling everyone how Sigma they are when they’re not redefining it to serve their own purposes.

It’s just further confirmation, as if any was needed, of a) how useful the concept is, and, b) how Gammas are going to gamma.