You Can’t Stop the Smart Boy

I put up a solid meme from SG on Gab, along with a comment.

This meme should make the stupidity of the oft-heard midwit aphorism clear to even the most myopic midwit mind.

Of course, a Smart Boy couldn’t resist the temptation to prove that he’s a midwit.

@voxday that aphorism is true. Its misapplication does not invalidate it, merely demonstrates the intellectual incompetence of the user.

Of course, the aphorism is not true. It may or may not be true, because sometimes correlation equals causation, and other times it does not. A correct form of the aphorism would be: correlation does not necessarily equal causation.

But where is the fun in that sort of actual precision that doesn’t permit the Smart Boy to incorrectly correct others? The irony of the misapplication is that correlation is usually the first step toward proving causation. As a general rule, resorting to tautology in order to refute something that someone hasn’t said is highly indicative of a gamma behavior pattern.