Coexistence is Impossible

Or, as the Bible puts it, what fellowship can light have with darkness?

Woke and good can’t coexist. The two clash and woke always wins.

Ok, why woke? After all, most people don’t want the bullet points above, they want fun escapism. There is no way anyone involved with entertainment production doesn’t know this. As Tickerguy has pointed out numerous times, talent is hired for what they know and how well they do their job. If they don’t entertain people, they should be fired.

But we live in clown world, so we get never ending BAD.

Woke is a deliberate choice, why is it made? How do these hacks have jobs?

God gave Satan the world. I will not ponder why He did so, it’s above my paygrade. Satan recruits humans and some of them are in the entertainment industry: actors, writers, directors, camera operators, producers. It’s a losing proposition for the human who is always treated like used toilet paper.

If they stay in Satan’s influence, over time they become more corrupt: they slip farther and farther away from whatever gifts God gave them.

God holds the power of creation. He created the universe and everything in it. He’s pretty bad ass and not Someone you want to off.

God granted every living creature on this planet a touch of creation. Humans and every other animal reproduces. Insects, fish, plants, and even bacteria can. This was part of God’s gift to us all. He also blessed humans with creativity.

Viruses can’t reproduce without a host cell. They invade and trick the cell into making copies of itself. They’re not really alive and have no touch of creation.

Satan and other demons can’t create, only copy and destroy by corruption.

People who throw in with Satan are lower than bacteria. Over time these evil adjacent people become like viruses: helpless without a host to infect and hijack. Eventually, they can’t create.

They can only copy or corrupt shows with woke, eventually destroying them.

That explains the endless reboots and BAD coming out of Hollyweird.

Don’t compromise with Clown World. It can only corrupt and degrade you.