No Unity with the Devil

Perhaps the most irritating Boomercon blather is their constant bleating about “unity” and how calling out material evil is “divisive”. Neon Revolt has no patience for it either.

All you are doing is helping the globalist agenda with this division. If you don’t think this is part of their plan, you are more confused than you already seem.

muh division
muh divided by age
muh they want u divided

Boomers, you divided an entire generation out of reasonably priced housing with the banking schemes your generation gleefully went along with. Now, when two entire generations are now being turned into rent-peasants by the likes of Blackrock, all you’re capable of doing is berating those you collectively excluded from the very benefits and opportunities you enjoyed. It’s the classic Boomer move of pulling up the ladder behind you while yelling “pick yourselves up by your bootstraps” to everyone below you.

Basically, you want “unity” so long as it never costs you anything.

Which is really just another way of saying you want a pat on the back for maintaining globohomo’s status quo.

There can be no unity with the wicked, their servants, or their slaves. No unity with the Devil and no sympathy for the Boomers.