Impact Day, One Year On

One year ago, Arkhaven Comics launched Project Asteroid, also known as Arktoons. I predicted that the new site would change the comics industry and eventually replace the dinosaurs known as the Big Two, Marvel Comics and DC Comics. And while that process is far from complete yet, the events of the last year have tended to suggest that this will be the case.

Sales of DC and Marvel comics continue to decline, while Manga dominates the print sales charts. DC gave up on its digital site, flirted with Tapas, and has been reduced to publishing digital comics on Webtoons as if it were a sad, lonely gay teenager with a crayon and a dream. DC has gone through two rounds of layoffs, while Marvel’s lone experiment on Webtoons featured episodes that couldn’t even attract 5,000 likes.

There are others who scent the weakness. Substack has invested what it claims is one of the biggest-ever investments into comics, but has barely produced 20 total episodes in six months. In the meantime, Arktoons presently features 1,962 episodes, and has introduced literally dozens of new original series, including Hypergamouse, Deus Vult, Midnight’s War, My Sister Suprema, and How To Succeed Like a Dark Lord. It has also attracted a number of excellent commentary cartoons, including Stonetoss, Savage Memes, Ben Garrison, and Bob. Every day, at least 6 series, and sometimes as many as 10, introduce new episodes.

After more than six million pageviews, we’re still just in the process of getting started. More about this on tonight’s Darkstream. In the meantime, the Thursday Arktoons are live:

ALT★HERO: Q Episode 53: We Are Listening

A THRONE OF BONES Episode 47: Nowhere to Run

STONETOSS Episode 82: Face Value

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 77: Communists?

EVIL MONKEY MEMES Episode 22: Lost in Thought

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: ADVENTURE Episode 40: Case of the Third Hand