The Tribe of Gamma

They simply can’t help themselves. This was one comment thread sparked by one of my posts on Gab. Notice how the gamma adroitly made himself the subject while striking a superior pose and proactively defending himself without even touching upon the actual subject.

Stop crying about how “they’re trying to divide us,” Boomers. They ALREADY divided the USA in 1965 with the Naturalization Act. Now nearly half of all US citizens are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the word. There is no united “we” anymore. So find your tribe and defend it. Because everyone else already is.

My tribe is nerds who have above average IQ and who are curious and who enjoying sharing what they’ve learned. My tribe has different colors. Nerd chicks are most welcome. We don’t care how pretty you are or how much money you have. The funny thing is most people don’t wanna join this tribe. They don’t feel comfortable among us. People tend to mingle with people of their same IQ level.

Yes, I know your tribe. And I, like many people, cannot stand your annoying, posturing, self-overrated little tribe. If you’d all simply focus on the actual learning rather than on constantly trying to share what you think you’ve learned with people who have never shown a scintilla of interest in it, the rest of us might not dislike your tribe so much.

Yeah, well, nerds have more fun. And that‘s cuz we’re not carrying around too much baggage of self-consciousness. Speaking of self-consciousness, you sound kinda angry. Or are you just hangry and need a snack?

But you don’t have more fun. You’re all desperately posturing and showing off your knowledge of useless trivia non-stop in the futile hope that one day, a woman will let you talk at her without turning away from you in disgust.

UPDATE: It just gets more amusing and tragic than you would have imagined.

We found things that are more interesting than sex. Ironically, we’re good in bed and that’s cuz we like to read instruction manuals.