Wednesday Arktoons

ALT★HERO Episode 34: All Teams Go

THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM Episode 35: Drink That Poison Yourself

SAVAGE MEMES Episode 56: Modern Man

STONETOSS Episode 43: Money Grubbing

SOMETHING BIG Episode 23: It’s War

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 20: Halo, Can You Hear Me?

DAME COMMANDER Episode 1: Adobe Kroger, Dame Commander

CLASSIC BIBLE TALES Episode 15: The Prodigal Son

This is the final episode of THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM, which has been one of the most popular series on Arktoons since its launch. Until more episodes are available, it will be replaced by THE STRANDED. Also, a new independent creator, Mythoverse Comics, has introduced a new action series, DAME COMMANDER, today. Note that it appears to be a PG-13 comic.