Boost, Baby, Boost

The NFL is requiring a third shot for all coaches and employees.

The NFL is requiring players, coaches and other team personnel to receive a Covid-19 booster by Dec. 27. In a memo sent to teams on Monday and obtained by The Associated Press, the league said: “Given the increased prevalence of the virus in our communities, our experts have recommended that we implement the CDC’s recommendation.”

Despite the fact that neither vaccines nor boosters prevent the transmission of Covid-19 in the NFL.

Cleveland announced on Wednesday morning that Stefanski has tested positive for COVID-19. According to the Browns’ announcement, Stefanski is not only fully vaccinated, but has also received a booster shot. With 12 players on their COVID-19 lists, the Browns already had a full-blown crisis. Then the team announced on Wednesday morning that head coach Kevin Stefanski had tested positive for the virus.

Now Cleveland’s quarterback has, too. According to multiple reports, Baker Mayfield has tested positive for COVID-19.

On the plus side, at least NFL players haven’t been collapsing on the field with heart attacks, like the FIFA players.