Mailvox: A Report from Austria

I can only conclude the Austrian government’s threatened country-wide vaccine mandate is one massive bluff, not dissimilar to the Fake Biden Fake Administration’s threatened mandates, given the reported facts on the ground.

I live in the westernmost province, Vorarlberg, which has ~380,000 inhabitants. A few weeks ago the provincial government compared their residence register with their “vaccination” records and sent out 66,800 letters to those who weren’t on both lists, inviting them to a “vaccination” appointment.

On the back is a list of “vaccination” “myths,” showing what they think the purebloods think:

“Is it true that the corona vaccination doesn’t protect you from all the variants?”
“Is it true that the corona vaccination doesn’t help and that vaccinated people go to the hospital anyway?”
“Can mRNA vaccines change my genetic information?”
“Are the new vaccines unsafe due to the accelerated approval process?”
“Does the corona vaccine produce infertility?”
“Is it true that the long-term effects of the corona vaccination can not yet be evaluated?”
“Is the vaccination useless, since vaccinated people can still get infected?”

There are demonstrations every few days and they’re growing in size. The provincial capital, Bregenz, population ~30,000, had a big demonstration two weeks ago; the media admitted 5000 participants. Yesterday there was another demonstration which was even larger.

There are at least two new political parties forming for the purpose of repealing all corona measures. MFG (Menschen Freiheit Grundrecht = “People, Freedom, Rights”) already won some seats in the provincial government in Upper Austria in September and are now active in every province. In Vorarlberg there’s also a new party FBP (Freie Bürger Partei = “Free Citizens’ Party).

There are also Catholic prayer groups forming all over the country, from Vienna to little villages in the mountains, to pray the rosary for the country every Wednesday.

The government’s proposal threatens a system of fines for those who refuse the “vaccination” and the possibility of jail time for those who don’t pay. As far as I could figure out, there are 160 jail beds in this province and 87% are occupied. So the government is threatening 66,000 people with jail when they have 21 spots to put them in.

The lesson, as always, is this: stand fast, stay pure, and don’t submit. The wicked WILL fail, no matter how they thunder and bluff in an attempt to coerce you through fear.