Pedo Zeppelin

The worst-kept secret in rock and roll is finally going to take down the pedophile monsters of rock:

Four years after the fall of Harvey Weinstein fired up the #MeToo movement, few areas of public life haven’t faced a reckoning over predatory male behaviour. So why has rock music remained untouched?

That question could most appropriately be asked of Led Zeppelin, who were ‘monsters of rock’ in every way.

Many of the stories told of the hugely successful British band and their hotel-trashing, drug-abusing, groupie-indulging ways are nearly too awful to print — a fact that has probably helped the surviving members to dismiss them as cocaine-fuelled fabrications.

However, Bob Spitz, American author of Led Zeppelin: The Biography, a new 688-page history of the band, spoke to dozens of those involved and says he confirmed the horror stories were largely true. Led Zeppelin are guilty as charged, according to him.

Boomers can, and will, whine “but it was different back then” all they like. The incontrovertible fact is that some of their rock heroes were, and are, unrepentant pedos. They weren’t particularly evil pedos – no one is claiming they were preying upon kindergarteners – but they were absolutely in serial violation of the age of consent laws.

They fully deserve to get cancelled, permanently, for their egregious misdeeds.

They should have paid heed to Maugham’s addition to Crowley’s philosophy: do what thou wilt… with due regard for the policeman around the corner.