Mailvox: Defending Pedo Zeppelin

Cuckservative indeed. Why would you take the side of sexual abuse industry feminist fanatics and pearl clutch over 14 year old groupies fucking rock stars? Why would you call that pedophilia? Do you even know what that word means? It means before puberty, not before the age of consent, whose purpose is to discourage men from pursuing youthful attractiveness to the dismay of old whores.

Are you aware most women married in human history at puberty or slightly before? Are you aware 14 is the age of consent in many countries even today? I’m surprised you would act like a literal old jealous whore and perpetuate the myth that a 14 year old girl doesn’t know what a penis is, and intimate that somehow a man who has a normal attraction to a post pubescent 14 year old girl is somehow the pedophilic equivalent to fucking babies.

How many men suffer needlessly because of the feminist post puberty “pedophile” myth you perpetuate here? Completely unacceptable from someone supposedly grounded in reality.

Because in this particular case, the “feminist fanatics” are absolutely correct. And given that the legal age of consent LONG precedes the very existence of feminism, this bold defender of rock stars using their media-generated fame to indiscriminately abuse underage girls barely into their teens is relying upon a foundation of lies for his defense.

Furthermore, the pedos clearly don’t limit themselves to “post pubescent 14 year old girls”, as the 2013 sentencing of LostProphets lead singer Ian Watkins “to 29 years of imprisonment for multiple sexual offences, including the sexual assault of young children and babies” proves. The illegal behavior of Pedo Zeppelin is merely the tip of a very evil iceberg.

The appeal to history is misplaced. These men are not marrying and financially supporting young women in a society where life expectancy is less than 40. They are predators who are illegally abusing girls adult society has deemed to be incapable of supporting themselves or making responsible decisions about medical treatment, voting, drinking, tobacco, and sex.

Someone is protesting way too much here, although in this case it sounds more as if that someone is primarily concerned that their love for their underage anime waifu might be deemed pedophilic.