Just Stay Home

Austria has imposed the most draconian lockdown yet. Several Italian governors are calling for the same. The Czech Republic and Germany are reported to be considering similar measures. Other countries may do the same in their desperation to force the vaccine-proof to submit to the insanity.

So what?

This is a sign of weakness on the part of the wicked authorities, not of strength. It is an exercise in complete futility. Nothing can be easier than outlasting the authoritarian absurdities. The coronavirus will continue to rage among the vaccinated, as they stroke out, suffer heart attacks, and die of vaccine-destroyed immune systems.

Just stay home.

You’re not going to starve. You’re not going to be unable to work. Go to the store, stock up, and lay in a good supply of books, movies, and DIY projects. Watch a Darkstream. Read Arktoons. Enjoy an afternoon coffee. Declare an early wine o’clock.

This is the easiest persecution anyone has ever suffered in human history.

Make the most of it.