The Vaccines are the Vector

This is why all of the lockdowns will inevitably fail. Although, to the extent the lockdowns protect anyone, they will protect the unvaccinated who are being locked down, because it is the vaccinated who are now the most susceptible to the virus.

This study is a bit dense — but has been peer-reviewed, and makes clear that indeed, what I hypothesized was true — and had to be, given the circumstances with Diamond Princess and elsewhere, in fact validates by scientific fact.

In summary, RTC regions like polymerase, expressed in the first stage of the viral life cycle, are highly conserved among HCoV and are preferentially targeted by T-cells in pre-pandemic and SN-HCW samples. A subset of T-cells from donors able to abort infection could cross-recognise SARS-CoV-2 and HCoV sequences at individual RTC epitopes, pointing to prior infection with HCoV as one source of pre-existing cross-reactive T-cells.

“SN-HCW” are health-care workers who were repeatedly exposed and while they did not get sick or seroconvert “(SeroNegative)” showed very rapid response to Covid-19 from cross-reaction as a result of other coronavirus exposures.

Remember that Diamond Princess only had about 20% of the population on board that got sick despite all of them being confined together over an extended period, and even more-telling, there were multiple instances where one member of a cabin pair (husband and wife, usually) got seriously ill while the other did not only not get ill they did not test positive either. This also occurred among a couple I know early in the pandemic; one (the husband) was killed by the virus, the other (the wife) never got sick.

What’s even more damning is that by May of this year about 20% of the population, according to a NEJM study that I wrote on, had seroconverted. This strongly implies that statistically everyone who could get Covid-19 and have a serious problem with already had done so.

So how is that we had a “surge” this summer and continue to see infections this fall?

It can’t happen if there are no susceptible people.

But it is.

So there are susceptible people.

How did they become susceptible when they weren’t before in any material size?

We jabbed them.

Natural herd immunity should have been reached by now. Instead, it is the vaccinated whose short-term protection has worn off that are now vulnerable to the virus. This is why it is so important to a) refuse the vaccines if you are unvaccinated, and b) refuse the boosters if you have been vaccinated.

At this point, only the people in the (b) category bear much risk from covid, but their natural immunity will gradually rebuild over time. Taking the booster will provide them with 2-4 months of short term protection, but at the cost of further reducing the strength of their immune systems plus destroying whatever remnants of natural immunity to covid they have built up.