The Evidence of Evil

Bruce Charlton reasons his way to an identical conclusion that I have also reached before:

When we contemplate strategic evil, plans pursued over several or many generations; we must account for the fact of a leadership that is capable of such a thing. And, furthermore, a leadership that is also sufficiently powerful to impose their plan on a mass of humans who are dominantly-motivated by their own short-term gratifications.

When the plan is global and crosses many generations – there must have been a leadership of immense power, who are themselves immune to the normal constraints of human time – and a leadership for whom, personally, a decade is ‘the short-term’.

We are talking, in other words, of evil spirits, fallen angels, demons – those who are immortal spirits (i.e. without bodies, whose spirits persist forever); and therefore live on a timescale far greater than evil mere-mortal humans.

The many incredible and astonishing global policies and trends we perceive as of 2021 – the need for steady strategies toward evil ends that span multiple human lifespans – become instantly comprehensible if we assume that the leadership was demonic.

Once this perspective has been assimilated; clear demonic fingerprints can be seen all-over the plans of the Global Totalitarian Establishment.

This is why I have no doubt – no doubt whatsoever – about the truth of the core Christian perspective. Once an individual capable of thinking at the strategic level takes an honest and open-minded look at the world and its history, it is utterly impossible to reasonably conclude that evil does not exist.

Moreover, it’s entirely obvious that the material world is insufficient motivation and reward for those who are at, or very near, the top of it. There is quite clearly something – something non-material – that the Soroses and the Rockefellers and the Clintons and the Schwabs of the world are seeking which cannot be convincingly explained by mere hedonism, greed, or ethnicity.