I Stand With Them

The union announced its formation on Twitter and on its website on November 1st. In their announcement of its formation, the union claims they are “overtaxed and undervalued.”

However, their goals, which read more like demands, also says they want to have the power to cancel publication of any comic books.

The goal states, “Renewed commitment to company values through the addition of a collective voting option to immediately cancel publication of any title whose creator(s) have been found to have engaged in abuse, sexual assault, racism and xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, ableism, etc. until such time as said creators have engaged in meaningful reparations toward affected person(s).”

I really, really, do! Great work, CBWU. I could not be more enthusiastic about this exciting new industry initiative. Now get everyone at Marvel and DC to join too, please.

UPDATE: Bounding Into Comics has the story.

Arkhaven Comics Lead Editor Vox Day joined the growing list of supporters for the Comic Book Workers United union formed by 10 Image Comics employees.