The Anti-President Doubles Down

At least his fake administration did in attempting to sell its unconstitutional and illegal vaccine mandate for corporations:

President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for businesses will be enforced after the New Year, the White House has announced. Failure to comply will incur heavy penalties, with a fine of around $14,000 per violation.
The US will begin enforcing mandatory coronavirus vaccination for private-sector workers starting January 4, the White House announced on Wednesday. Those not vaccinated will have to be tested weekly.

“It is important to understand that there are still so many workers who are not protected and remain at risk from being seriously ill or dying from Covid-19,” said a senior administration official in remarks carried by the White House press service.

Failure to comply with the vaccine mandate will incur heavy penalties for businesses, which will face an “approximate” fine of $14,000 per violation. The fines will scale up with multiple violations, senior officials said. It was not immediately clear whether workers could get fired should they refuse vaccination or testing.

Since “Congress shall make” no such law, and even a properly-elected President can’t make any laws, what is the legal basis for this charade by the cast of characters presently pretending to occupy the White House? Or is the idea that since everything is fake, everything is permitted?