Another One Bites the Ice

Young athletes are literally dropping dead on the turf, the court, and the ice due to the “safe and effective” vaccines:

Doctors have been unable to save a hockey player who suddenly collapsed on the ice during a game in Slovakia.
Boris Sadecki was playing for the Bratislava Capitals, of the Ice HL, when he fell to the floor during a match against the Dornbirn Bulldogs on October 29.

Medics are said to have spent several minutes attending to the 24-year-old, resuscitating him before transporting him to hospital, where he had spent 11 days before his passing was announced.

Abou Ali, 22, professional footballer collapses on pitch during game

Fabrice NSakala, 31, Besiktas defender collapses on pitch during game

Jens De Smet, 27, footballer collapses on field, passes away of heart attack

Jente van Genechten, 25, footballer collapses on field due to heart attack

Frederic Lartillot, French footballer collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game

Benjamin Taft, 31, German footballer collapses after game, passes away due to heart attack

Rune Coghe, 18, Belgian footballer suffers cardiac arrest on pitch

Helen Edwards, referee taken off court during World Cup qualifier due to heart issues

Dimitri Lienard, 33, FC Strasbourg midfielder collapses during game

Sergio Aguero, 33, Barecelona star striker admitted to hospital for cardiac exam after match

Emil Palsson, 28, Sognal midfielder collapses due to cardiac arrest during game

Antoine Méchin, 31, French triathlete suffers pulmonary embolism following Moderna

Luis Ojeda, 20, Argentine football player unexpectedly passes away

Greg Luyssen, 22, Belgian pro cyclist ends career due to heart issues

Pedro Obiang, 29, ex-West Ham star suffers myocarditis post vaccine

Carl Madsen, 71, NFL referee dies of heart attack after working the Chiefs-Titans game.

This isn’t normal. This isn’t even remotely normal. And it’s all a complete mystery to the medical community, which is totally unable to connect obvious cause and effect because it is paid to avoid doing so

Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing all over America, and nobody can seem to explain why this is happening. Right now, the number of new COVID cases in the United States each day is less than half of what it was just a couple of months ago. That is really good news, and many believe that this is a sign that the pandemic is fading. Let us hope that is true. With less people catching the virus, you would think that would mean that our emergency rooms should be emptying out, but the opposite is actually happening. All across the country, emergency rooms are absolutely packed, and in many cases we are seeing seriously ill patients being cared for in the hallways because all of the ER rooms are already full.