Neither Safe Nor Effective

Not only were the vaxx trials ended prematurely and the control groups destroyed, but substantive evidence of adverse effects was simply handwaved away through deceit and redefinition:

Haven’t official vaccine trials shown that covid vaccines are safe, though? The answer is no. In fact, several serious adverse events were already observed during covid vaccine trials, but were discarded as “unrelated”. In addition, the Pfizer vaccine trial excluded five times more people from the vaccine group than from the control group. In the Pfizer vaccine trial for adolescents, as 12-year-old girl suffered permanent paralysis, but Pfizer reported her case merely as “abdominal pain”.

Concerning the potential risk of antibody-dependent disease enhancement (ADE) caused by covid vaccines, there continues to be no real-world evidence of this effect, but several molecular simulation studies found that future variants of the Delta strain might theoretically trigger ADE (i.e. high levels of non-neutralizing antibodies enhancing viral infection).

It’s good news that there is still no conclusive evidence of ADE; the problem is that there are some statistical indications of it given the sheer volume of breakthrough infections and the growing percentage of Covid-related deaths among the vaccinated. The announced booster schedule is also another indicator of a possible ADE scenario playing out.