SJWs Do NOT Approve

Apparently they are unhappy with Joe Bennett’s decision to join forces with The Legend Chuck Dixon and me at Arkhaven:

So Joe Bennett gets canned by Marvel and less than two weeks later he’s already signed on to draw books for Vox Day?

Dude really took that mask off and flung it across the room, lol

Joe Bennett is going from working on the Hulk to making comic book b-movies for a guy who believes in phrenology

It’s all the usual Wikipedia-based nonsense. It will be fascinating to see how they react once they realize that I have closer ties to the Chinese Communist Party than to the Republican Party, much less any Nazi-related party.

Not that I’m a Communist or a communist. I’m not even left-wing. I am simply a Christian Nationalist who pays attention to the trends and vagaries of history. That being said, it is certainly fascinating to observe some of the elements of the CCP’s recent campaign against the Hellmouth and its forms of entertainment that target children, is it not?

The National Radio and Television Administration said in a notice posted late on Friday that children and young people were the main audience for cartoons, and qualified agencies need to broadcast content that “upholds truth, goodness and beauty”.

Now, why does that sound so familiar? It’s a beautiful mystery.