Saturday Arktoons

SEASONS Episode 20: Something Wrong

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: MYSTERY The 4th Dimention Nr. 3: Emerging From the 4th Dimension

CLASSIC GARRISON Episode 13: Liar-in-Chief

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY Mrs. Pepper Nr. 1: Before Class

In other ‘toon-related news, the once-mighty DC Comics is now reduced to putting its comics on Webtoons like any other sad, lonely, and sexually-confused SJW who considers xirself an artist.

“DC is excited to introduce our iconic characters to a new generation of fans worldwide,” said DC General Manager, Daniel Cherry III. “We’ve been working closely with the Webtoon writers and artists to adapt our characters and stories to Webtoon’s mobile format. Our shared goal is to create fun and compelling DC stories that all readers will enjoy. This partnership is yet another example of DC’s ambition to ‘meet fans where ever they are’ and continue sharing DC fandom.”

The flagship series for DC on Webtoons is BATMAN: WAYNE FAMILY ADVENTURES, which is described as follows:

Batman needs a break. But with new vigilante Duke Thomas moving into Wayne Manor and an endless supply of adopted, fostered, and biological superhero children to manage, Bruce Wayne is going to have his hands full. Being a father can’t be harder than being Batman, right?

It’s pretty intense. The second episode, for example, is a compelling, character-rich drama that concerns which of these multiracial superhero children adopted by a rich, eccentric, rage-filled man gets the last cookie, when all the cakes and cupcakes simply won’t do. This is, apparently, what passes for “fun and compelling”.