All Fizzle, No Sizzle

As Cyber Ninjas review of Maricopa County results appears to fizzle out, Texas responds to Trump call for Lone Star State election audit

Key word: “appears”. But this is what happens when you try to play things too close to your vest and impose your ideals about transparency and fairness on an uncaring reality. While it’s clear that there is sufficient evidence in the preliminary audit report alone to prove that Joe Biden was not elected President in Arizona, the cowardly reserve with which the report was presented, combined with the attempt to appear neutral and above the fray, has allowed the media to control the narrative.

Never permit those who prefer dialectic to dictate the rhetoric. Doing so vastly increases the probability of failure. This is why you don’t see many contract lawyers litigating in the court room.

The correct thing to do is throw rhetorical truth-bombs that are sufficiently backed up by conclusive proof to demolish the honest skeptics and corrupt critics alike. But you cannot omit either element and still reasonably expect success.