Stay on the Train, Mudblood

In just eight days, all of those who received their second vaxx will officially possess “unvaccinated” status in Israel:

On October 3, in about a week and a half, life will change for close to one million Israelis, 900,000 to be exact, who, according to the Health ministry, are eligible to receive the third dose of the Corona vaccine, but have not yet rolled up their sleeves at their local dispensary. So, on October 3, the government is revoking the Green Tag privileges of anyone who received their second dose more than six months ago and has not yet received the third. It’s like that second shot never happened.

It would have been better to remain Pureblood in the first place. All the original vaxxes provided was a few months of vaxx passport. And the maximum period of claimed effectiveness for the boosters is only 5 months. So, the only real question is how many times the average idiot will permit himself to be injected with gene-altering substances before he refuses to comply anymore.

The risk of man getting vaccinated developing myocarditis: 1 in 534

The risk of man with a registered motorcycle dying in a motorcycle accident: 1 in 1,685

It’s literally more than THREE TIMES safer to ride a motorcycle than to get vaccinated.