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GUN GHOUL Episode 11: Murder in France

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: MYSTERY Episode 3: The Final Sacrifice

Speaking of The Legend Chuck Dixon, Breitbart ran a piece that was based on one of his Ask Chuck Dixon videos criticizing Marvel and DC:

A prominent writer of “Batman” graphic novels has slammed the two biggest American comics publishers, saying they churn out low-quality content and promote an “obvious political agenda.”

Chuck Dixon targeted the “big two” publishers — Marvel and DC Comics — for a verbal lashing in the most recent episode of his podcast Ask Chuck Dixon.

“Because what’s out now, for the big two, is, for the most part, poorly crafted,” Dixon said, comparing them to Japanese manga. “There’s a few exceptions, but for the most part, it’s poorly crafted, poorly conceived. There’s an obvious political agenda to everything and there’s no variety.”

Dixon also decried the glut of superhero titles.

“There really isn’t anything else at the mainstream companies,” he continued. “It’s superheroes, superheroes, superheroes. And they’re all avatars for the writers’ political agenda. And they’re kind of tiresome. They’re not particularly well drawn. They’re not particularly well-realized.”

As is the usual pattern, however, Breitbart is content to whine about DC and Marvel without ever mentioning that there are very viable alternatives such as Arkhaven, Dark Legion, and other professional independents, or even seeing fit to mention Arktoons. That’s because Breitbart is a gatekeeper that is meant to prevent any nationalist alternatives from arising to replace the converged institutions about which they complain so regularly.

Bounding Into Comics, on the other hand, had no such reservations:

Dixon then lamented, “So it’s sad. It’s a sad state of affairs. But everybody saw it coming. It had to happen. There has to be winners and losers. As the American comic book sales fall something has to replace it and manga is right there. It’s popular. I know my kids know kids who read manga. They don’t know anybody who reads American comics.

“And the kids that my kids know who read manga are just casual readers. They’re not fans. They’re not geeks. They’re not going to conventions. They just like reading manga. They like reading it on their phone. They like reading it in books. And there you go. I don’t see the mainstream, the Big Two, ever catching up. Although there are alternatives,” he concluded.

Arktoons will be launching its first manga-style comic soon, courtesy of Super Prumo.