NFL celebrates second gay player

Strangely, the revelation that Barkavius Mingo is a homosexual has not been greeted with the same rapturous chorus of delight as last month’s announcement concerning Carl Nassib’s similar preferences.

Mingo invited a teenage family member and the boy’s friend, also a teenager, to spend the day with him. Mingo took the boys to the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park in Arlington and K1 Speed, a Dallas-area go-kart complex. They had dinner at BJ’s restaurant, a popular local steakhouse. Mingo paid for everything, including a season pass to K1 Speed.

Mingo also treated the boys to a shopping spree, paying for items they chose from The relative’s friend chose a variety of T-shirts, shoes and shorts. The gear was shipped to the boy at the address of his friend, Mingo’s family member.

On the night of July 4, 2019, the boys returned to the local hotel where Mingo was staying. According to the documents obtained by Sports Illustrated, the boy fell asleep, but at approximately 3 a.m. he woke up and noticed Mingo in bed with him. He “thought it was odd,” according to documents, because the plan was for the two boys to sleep in a room separate from Mingo. He thought little of it and went back to sleep.

According to the document, “The victim was then woken by [Mingo] pulling at his underwear.

Looks like it’s time to update the ol’ meme again.