Why the CDC is worried

AC explains the reason for the CDC’s sudden interest in the observed link between the mRNA not-vaxxes and heart inflammation:

The reason CDC is beginning to panic is that in perfectly normal people, even without any vaccine, for unknown reasons, the immune system just begins attacking the heart, and inflammation is noted as a predictor of the course of the disease, and this leads to heart failure. When the immune system goes on the attack, it creates inflammation, and as any weightlifter who has gotten the flu will tell you, muscles don’t grow, and can atrophy quite a bit, when inflammatory signals show up on the scene, because those signals shut off all muscle growth. It is the way the body is designed. Under an inflammatory stress the body shifts modes and puts all energy into the immune fight, and does not store anything away on building the body or increasing reserve energy stores. Everything goes into the immune fight, and reserves are even liberated and thrown into it as well. And the heart is just one big muscle, so introduce inflammation, and all growth and tissue regeneration is shut off biochemically, and then the muscle just wastes away over time, until the heart muscle cannot carry the load it has to carry to pump blood and keep you alive. It has long been known people with heart failure have somehow triggered heart inflammation that does not go away, and the degree of inflammation determines how fast it will progress. 

And now these geniuses have done what I warned about – they injected mRNA into deltoid muscle cells, so muscle cells would present the antigen right alongside the cell surface proteins common to muscle cells. The immune systems are learning both the antigen, and the receptors common on the outside of muscle cells are “enemy” because they are presented together on the cell surface in the shoulder, instead of the antigen being isolated by itself in a slow-release oil carrier outside the cells, injected between the muscle fibers. Even worse, after a set time the vaccine is supposed to stop producing the antigen, and after a year or three your immune response to the antigen is blunted, or even gone. But the heart and other muscles will keep producing those muscle cell surface receptors, in essence producing a constant booster vaccine to keep the inflammation up. There are mechanisms in the body to curb auto-immunity, but they fail in a lot of people with heart failure. And though the top story is about a few kids who presented acutely, heart failure begins more slowly, and if there are acute cases, there may be subacute cases which will progress into heart failure over time. So CDC has no idea what any of this means, or what is to come, even if they would scoff in public at the assertion. But they will hold an emergency meeting, not for the acute cases, but for what may not have been seen yet, but which is cooking away regardless.

Now there is a very real possibility we are going to see some percentage of the vaccinated who will need heart transplants in the next ten to thirty years. It could be a hundredth percent, it could be two percent, it could be twenty or more percent after thirty years, if the inflammation doesn’t go away (and nobody knows if it will). But when 70{cc08d85cfa54367952ab9c6bd910a003a6c2c0c101231e44cdffb103f39b73a6} of the population has gotten the jab, whatever way, it could be a fuckload of people needing new hearts, and there would not be enough hearts out there, so many of them would die. CDC is wondering whether they just gave a chunk of the population heart failure, and if so, how many.

I anticipate the CDC will try to come up with some other explanation for the sudden increase in heart failure, particularly among the younger population that shouldn’t be experiencing it. Presumably, they’ll try to blame it on obesity, or racism, or possibly climate change. 

Already the not-vaxx has killed 77 percent of the total covid-19 deaths in Iceland. So, it may not take very long for the “cure” to amass a bigger body count than the “disease”.