Thursday Arktoons

ASCENDANT: Episode 2, Transfiguration

ALT★HERO: Q: Episode 2, Reassignment

A THRONE OF BONES: Episode 2, Our True Vocation

FLYING SPARKS: Episode 2, Secret Lives

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: ADVENTURE: The Frogmen: Episode 2, Dangerous Discoveries 

The dev team is also pleased to announce that the image processing time has been decreased by a factor of around 10x. If you were on mobile or a slow connection, you may have noticed that the images will pop up much faster now even though they are still high-resolution.

This is a result of switching the image display from PNG to a newer and more efficient file format that is supported by most, though not all, modern browsers. The Arktoons engine is now smart enough to determine whether your browser supports it or not, and if not, dials up either a PNG or a JPG that it can support. So, the problem some people were seeing on the first day, where no images appear in the episodes, should be resolved.