In case you weren’t sure he’s fake

 The Fake Pope lies – blatantly – about the nations.

Pope Francis on Thursday denounced “aggressive” nationalism that rejects migrants, and said Catholics should follow the Gospel-mandated call for an inclusive, welcoming church that doesn’t distinguish between “natives and foreigners, residents and guests.”

Francis made the appeal in his annual message for migrants and refugees. He said the current pandemic had shown how the concept of the human family had been “fragmented, wounded and disfigured,” with the poorest and most marginalized paying the highest price.

The universal “we,” he said, “is crumbling and cracking due to myopic and aggressive forms of nationalism and radical individualism.”

He demanded that Catholics in particular actually act “catholic” in the universal sense, noting that migrants and refugees enrich the faith, the church and one another.

There is no “Gospel-mandated call” that rejects the nations. To the contrary, God promises that the nations will endure to the end. It is the Devil who constantly preaches the unity of Man and attempts to destroy the nations through the false promises of wealth through free trade and charity through submission to invasion.