Convergence here, convergence there

 Convergence pretty much everywhere. A pair of readers email about their recent run-ins with organizational convergence:

I ran a fan channel on YouTube, Owen Benjamin Digest, that reposted clips from you, Owen and more recently Stefan. Since I really want to help spread awareness, I have made sure to adhere to every single Promethean rule that YouTube imposes on its content creators, and cut out some of your most enlightening pieces as a compromise. Moreover, I spent grueling weekends trying to appeal to Christian men on YouTube by remixing your and Stef’s interviews with wholesome, family friendly rap beats, just to really bring home the message. It was fun, educational and really spread the gospel.

Despite that, the channel, hundreds of subscribers, dozens of hours of highlights, days and days of work, got terminated today, and my appeal was struck down within minutes. I am absolutely positive that it is solely because your names were included in the titles of the videos, and they have some evil desire to wipe you, Owen, Stef all of us, off the internet. It is a literal digital Holocaust! 

If you mention any of the Names That Shall Not Be Mentioned, the SJWs will do their best to ensure the minds under their control neither see nor hear them.

I just wanted to inform you about the incredibly reasonable requests which the student government at the U of MN – TC are making. One example includes the eminently just policy which allows “No-excuse-required extensions on assignments for Black and Muslim students, along with those who protested in favored causes”. Convergence is here; convergence is there; convergence is increasing everywhere!  

Of course, one can’t reasonably expect blacks or muslims to do their work on time. That would be racist or something. It’s fascinating to see that those who literally argue that non-Europeans can’t be expected to do their homework don’t grasp what that implies for when those same non-European college graduates will be required to keep the lights on and the toilets flushing. 

One guess what’s going to happen. Just one guess….