The silence of the anklebiters

A socialgalactician marvels at the way in which gammas assiduously avoid admitting that they are wrong:

Seen any ankle-biters admit that Vox was right about:

Milo and Roosh being genuine seekers of the Truth

Richard Spencer being a fake-right clown BEFORE he endorsed Biden


As you might expect, while gammas will repeatedly insist that honor – they love that word despite possessing no understanding of what it means – requires that you publicly flagellate yourself every time your opinion happens to be incorrect in some way, they will never admit it when their pronouncements of absolute fact turn out to be entirely false.

Instead, they retreat to their delusion bubbles and redefine every necessary term and reinterpret every necessary event in order to pronounce themselves to be retroactively correct. This is why they literally can’t admit that they are wrong, and why the best thing to do is to simply ignore them, refuse to engage with them, and banish them from the community as soon as they are detected.

That’s why fewer and fewer gamma comments are seen here: every day the moderators delete comments for nothing more than the crime of exhibiting signs of gamma behavior. It becomes extremely obvious when you see the juxtaposition of gamma vs non-gamma communication on a regular basis. In much the same way that women can sense even the mild stink of gamma in a man’s compliment, the moderators have developed finely tuned instincts for that familiar combination of envy, insecurity, and false superiority.

Let them whine about free speech, echo chambers, and the importance of discussion in vain. All of those concepts are merely ideas dreamed up by undesirables in attempts to convince others to permit them to crash the party. But every party, and every organization, should devote as much effort to keeping out gammas as it does to keeping out SJWs.