A few people been slinging around the rhetorical term Boomerphobia. As with the term homophobia, it is denigrating rhetoric that does not point one at the truth. In both cases, disgust is a considerably more accurate description than fear, which means that a more accurate term should be based on one of the two primary Greek terms for the former: αηδία or σιχασιά.

The problem is that in English, Boomeraidia sounds more like someone who has drunk the Boomer Kool-aid or cheerfully contributes to the upkeep of a Boomer’s nursing home than someone who would prefer that the staff make productive use of the pillows there. So, the term Boomersichasia is the preferable neologism, as it anglicizes quite nicely to Boomersick.

So, if one wishes to describe the attitude of this blog and many of this blog’s younger readers with regards to the Baby Boomers, please have the courtesy to utilize the correct dialectical term, which is Boomersichasic, or, if you prefer rhetoric, Boomersick.