Mailvox: the worst mortal sin

A Boomer confesses the greatest sin of his g-g-generation. I tend to agree, although I think their grandparenting may be even worse than their parenting. I mean, they may have created latchkey children, but at least they were usually resident in the same STATE at the time.

I enjoy your posts, etc. very much. You could not be more correct about my g-g-generation. I am a 1954 baby. Hunter S. Thompson, may God rest his soul, wrote a book later in his life entitled “Generation of Vipers” Could there be a more apt description of my ‘peeps’?  Yes, great accomplishments accompanied them on their march to the grave, but those pale in comparison to the almost incalculable damage done by the generation of vipers.  I could list them, but you already have the litany memorized. Nor am I innocent. I have been by turns selfish, greedy, self-indulgent, shallow, and that’s the good part. Heck, I could make you feel like you are in the receiving end of a confessional here. I may not be on the level of a Hunter Biden, but I was a scoundrel, nonetheless.

Good news is that I have grown. My political epiphany happened in 1979. The last time I voted for a Democrat was Jimmy Carter in 1976.  Thereafter I have voted Republican even though I knew that at least 50{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08} of them were no better than their openly demonic opponents.  Recent events have only reinforced my conviction that R’s versus D’s is all kabuki theater intended to fool the rubes. I absolutely relish President Donald Trump, our true president. DJT was the only president since Calvin Coolidge who truly worked for the good of our people 24/7/365. He remains the stone rejected by the mason which may yet become the cornerstone of the new temple.

My religious epiphany came in 1996 when I returned to my Christian roots as a mature, informed, experienced sinner working day by day on his own personal reformation….

So, here’s the punchline. In my opinion the worst mortal sin of all the many shortcomings and transgressions of my g-g-generation, is their parenting. We are now seeing the grandchildren born of the children raised by my generation. There are MANY young folks who despite the downward flow of inter-generational excrement have matured into responsible citizens. That having been stipulated, there is a great mass of poor wretches who bear the burden of two generations of varying degrees of pathetic, apathetic and/or downright pernicious parenting. 

They may not be entirely blameless; however, many have become vicious, confused, illiterate, innumerate, sexually perverted morons. They are the victims of varying degrees of child-abuse at the hands of the generation of vipers or their sons and daughters. If a dog bites because he has been beaten by a sadist, how can we blame the dog? For this sin alone the Boomers doom is foretold and is unavoidable. To paraphrase my Lord and Savior, “woe unto he who leads the young ones away from the light”. Of all the punishments that the Boomers so richly deserve, this will be the harshest by far. Truly, it will have been better for them that they were never born.