Mailvox: less fire than inferno

Chickenhawk Studios isn’t just making movies, it’s making movies with some very bad people. From an individual in the industry about the people behind Gina Carano’s new film project:

“Details are being kept under wraps but it will be produced as part of Daily Wire’s partnership with Bone Tomahawk producer Dallas Sonnier and his Bonfire Legend banner.”

One of their films Satanic Panic is essentially a satanic snuff film. From the trailer: “Are ready to fully commit yourself to Satan? YES! Hail Satan!” Dallas has a funny way about always being around these sorts of people.

A Satanic, Virgin-Sacrificing Sex Cult For the 1 Percent—With Plenty of Laughs

But wait there’s more! Let’s look closely at his Wikipedia page.

“In 2020, following the arrest of Adam Donaghey, Sonnier was criticized for downplaying abusive behavior and endangering employees.” Hmmm… interesting to note this Wikipedia at the very bottom. Time to Google!

Producer Adam Donaghey Charged with the Sexual Assault of a Child

Wowzer! And this is where it really gets good, I do highly recommend you read all of this.

How a Right-Wing Movie Studio Enabled the ‘Harvey Weinstein’ of Indie Film

And check this!

“When I asked him to expand on his “partisan” comments, he said, “I think there’s a perception of politics at Cinestate, and the truth is, we are a truly diverse company… I am a complicated guy who identifies as conservative because of certain fiscal responsibilities, limited federal government, things like that. But I’m no fan of the president [Trump].”  -Daily Beast

Wow, fancy them apples, so he is a conservative who hates Trump, teaming up with Benny Boy who’s a conservative who hates Trump. Now it’s coming into focus my dear reader… check out the whole article and find out what kind a person he truly is…

“And the problems with Cinestate extended far beyond Donaghey.” -Daily Beast

Far, far, far beyond diddling minors?

“On top of the sexual-harassment charges, six crew members on VFW and Satanic Panic accuse Cinestate of making them work oppressively long hours—sometimes 18-hour days—with no overtime pay, and that Donaghey, a producer on both films, consistently pressured crew members into being drastically underpaid either by inputting less hours on their time cards or asking them to turn down overtime. “At that point, it’s a safety issue,” one crewmember on Satanic Panic says. “When you hire someone who has been accused of sexually assaulting someone, and you put them in charge of writing checks for everyone in your entire company, are you not giving that person power to abuse further—whether sexually or through forced labor?”

So let’s go back to Wikipedia for one last look.

“Caliber segued into other independent projects before raising funds for two years in order to shoot Bone Tomahawk; the script had been written by one of the pair’s clients, S. Craig Zahler, whom they had been managing for two years. Following production on Bone Tomahawk, Sonnier departed Caliber to found Cinestate, a production company based in Dallas, with the intention of bringing film production to Texas. Sonnier would go on to collaborate with Zahler for two more films, Brawl in Cell Block 99 and Dragged Across Concrete.”

Anyone who thinks Ben Shapiro seeks to do anything but subvert Western Civilization clearly hasn’t read his book The Right Side of History, in which he attempts to redefine it in much the same way that his great-grandfather’s redefined America in order to subvert it.