Star Wars gets even more brave and stunning

I know you’ll all be shocked and delighted to learn that the SJWs at LucasFilm are intending to imake huge strides in better representation by introducing a “trans Jedi”:

From the off, the Disney era of Star Wars aimed to diversify the franchise somewhat, with actors of color like John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in the main cast. Of course, the way their characters were sidelined by the time of The Rise of Skywalker has lost the studio a lot of points. Likewise, the LGBT representation in the saga is still virtually non-existent. For instance, the same-sex kiss between two women in TROS was hyped up before release, but easy to miss in the actual film.

Star Wars needs to make some huge strides in better representation across the board going forward, then, particularly when it comes to LGBTQ+ characters. And thankfully, it seems the studio is well aware of this and is working on a major first for the franchise, as insider Daniel Richtman claims that they want to introduce a trans Jedi in a future project.

It’s strange to have reached such an age that I can barely even remember caring about Star Wars anymore. I mean, I know I did, I just don’t remember how it felt. Now my interest is entirely sadistic and revolves primarily around how they are going to further murder the value of the historical IP.